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Computer Base Testing – MaxtestAssessment Solution

Maxtest is web-based software designed to provide computer-based test administration for business and educational purposes. This could be used for organizational and recruitment testing; and by institutions, distance and e-learning hubs. The software was designed using the latest technology and following best practices to produce an optimized application that can run on LAN and internet. MaxTest comes in two modes – the online mode and the hosted mode.

So many organisations are employing Thin Client solutions to turn on this software solutions.

Thin Client setup

Thin Clients

Organizations and institutions are turning to thin client solutions for these reasons, aside from the fact that centralized processing makes it easier to manage and monitor the systems;
thin clients are compact, secure and energy-efficient endpoint devices which deliver tangible and measurable business results in virtualization initiatives. There is zero attack on the clients by viruses as this save money on computing cost and guarantee a better or greater security.

Others benefits are not limited to the followings:

  • ease of administration, if you get a big server, you can run 100s of clients of that, all from one server.
  • cost of electricity is reduced by about 85% compare with the regular PC
  • actual device cost tends to be lower than a PC.
  • security tends to be pretty good, one server hosting 100s of PCs (Thin Clents), which translates to smaller attack surface.
  • easy replacement, if a thin client breaks, you replace with another one which may be pretty expensive with fat clients.
  • Cost of software licensing is also reduced since applications on the server machine will only be license

What is Thin client?
A thin client is a computing device that’s connected to a network. Unlike a typical PC or “fat client,” that has the memory, storage (hard drive) and computing power to run applications and perform computing tasks on its own, a thin client functions as a virtual desktop depending solely on the server for resources like RAM(memory), storage (hard drive) and processing needs
It requires no additional software be downloaded since is a network computer without a hard disk drive.

Maxtest Features

  • Instant and accurate test marking, result computation and generation.
  • Hours saved printing and grading papers
  • Result analysis
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Intuitive user interface and application flow for maximum usability for both candidate and examiners
  • Result email notification to both candidate and examiner.
  • Facility to set and score comprehension tests.
  • Bulk candidate registration
  • Candidate and examiner account administration.
  • Report generation (test result and individual test transcript)


  • No more marking papers: this greatly improves productivity.
  • Instant results for the examiners and test takers: this also improves productivity, better communication, and better experience
  • Result analysis: this provides an opportunity to assess a test or question and to fine-tune where necessary.
  • Cheat prevention: even if candidates take the test at the same time and sit side by side, their question can be made to be different, in a different order or the answers in a different order.
  • Result and transcript generation: for filing purposes and integration with other backend processes.
  • Zero headaches MaxTest delivers functionality that eliminates headache in carrying out test administration chores.
  • Mobile Phone can be used for Tests/Exams.

Tests setup in MaxTest 4.0 is quite rich and flexible. The following are options available to the examiners when setting up tests in MaxTest 4.0

  • Test Timing
  • Pool based/fixed questions set tests
  • Randomize questions orders
  • Randomize answer orders
  • Random questions
  • Set pass marks
  • Email Results
  • Scoring rule
  • Test review with feedback
  • Test continuation in case of errors
  • Questions calibration into difficulty levels
  • Test available window time
  • Allow navigation to the previous question
    And more…

Supported question type

  • True or false questions
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Multiple response questions
  • Fill in blank questions
  • Short answer questions
  • Composition questions
  • Question with illustrations (i.e. images)
  • Questions with mathematical equations

Mode of Operation

MaxTest Service Mode: Clients can enjoy the services and functionalities of MaxTest without having to buy and install the application. This is the service mode, and all a client needs to start using MaxTest in this mode is to sign up to the online site. The application will run on the internet and the clients need internet to access MaxTest in this mode. In this mode clients only pay as they use the service and no monthly subscription is required. Below are the benefits of MaxTest Service Mode:

  • No monthly subscription
  • Pay as you use
  • Zero upfront cost
  • Cost effective
  • Discount on quantity tests
  • Data backups
  • 24×7 availability
  • Security and privacy of data
  • Support when you need it
  • Service level agreement


MaxTest In-house Mode: Clients who wish to host MaxTest application as an in-house intranet based application can enjoy the application in this mode. This mode may be especially suited for clients that need to integrate MaxTest as part of the existing daily business process and conduct enough tests to justify the upfront investment cost. The benefits include:

  • One-off payment
  • No annual license renewal
  • Free six months of technical support
  • Free staff training
  • Limitless test setup
  • Customization to client’s requirement.
  • Support and maintenance agreement.

Cost Implication /Product Purchase Options

Option I: MaxTest 4.0 – In-house Mode
(a) i. Complete functionality
ii. Training
iii. 2 months free support
iv. Candidate records, examiner records, questions and assessments set up by the client.

(b)Server Configuration
(Intranet Web Server running ASP.NET 4.0 & MySQL)
(Intranet Web Server running ASP.NET 4.0 & Microsoft SQL Server)

(c) Hardware (minimum configuration) – client to supply
MaxTest Server-Minimum Configuration – Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU or higher, 2 GB memory or higher, 40GB HDD or higher.

(d) Implementation

(e) License cost – N400,000 (offline/Intranet)

(f) Any extra customization required will be evaluated and cost appropriately


Option II: MaxTest 4.0 – Leasing Mode

The software is run by leasing with all-time free maintenance. But the usage is charged per test. Every test is at a cost of N75. And other requirements are listed below:
(a) The same server and hardware requirements as stated in Option I (b) and (c) above respectively
(b) Minimum of 1000 credit unit of Test/Exam (i.e minimum of N75,000 for every purchase.)
(c) Installation – N21,500
(d) Staff Training – N20,000 (maximum of five(5) staff)

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